Welcome to the Men's hat page. The styles you see below are made to order. All of my hats are available in 100% pure beaver felt or rabbit fur felt and all are proudly built by hand. I hand block, pounce, shape and sew each and every hat. If you have something in mind but don't see it please give me a call. Custom hat making is a great joy and I am more than eager to make you the hat you are after. 

When you're interested, contact us though the Inquiries page.

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With such confidence and conviction,
your qualities will be known among men, before ever they meet you.

hown here in Sateen finish black cherry beaver felt with 2" black ribbon and 1/8" cordage wrap.
The crown rakes from 5" in front to 3 3/4" in back with a deep diamond crease
Brim 2 1/8" with raw edge

 As shown                                       $410
100% Beaver felt (standard finish) $360
   Rabbit blend Sateen finish                          $320
        Rabbit blend felt (standard finish)           $270         


A beacon in the darkness of ordinary.  
Let the Constellation guide you to style and distinction. Featuring crisp lines throughout and
 stunning bound Halo Trim

1 1/2"  Ocean ribbon
Crown  4 1/2" 
Brim 2 3/8"

 100% Pure Beaver Felt $375
Rabbit Blend Felt            $285

Simply a classic from a bygone era. 

Shown in silverbelly beaver long hair finish with 2 1/8" navy ribbon
5 1/2" center dent 
Brim 2 3/8" raw edge

As shown                                          $395
100% pure beaver felt (standard finish)  $345
  Rabbit blend long hair finish             $305
     Rabbit blend (standard finish)                $255 


"Just keepin' an eye on things.
 Its pretty much that simple."

Shown here in Velveteen finish chocolate brown felt with matching 1/2" ribbon

Crown   4 3/4"
Brim 2 3/4" raw edge

As Shown in beaver                         $395
100% pure beaver felt(standard finish)    $345
Rabbit blend Velveteen finish         $305
Rabbit blend felt(standard finish)              $255

                    The ESQUIRE

Show them how you state your case with the Esquire.

 Shown in moss felt with 2 1/8" by-fold ribbon
5" crown with 4 1/2" center dent
2 1/4" brim with Halo Trim.

100% pure beaver felt    $370
  Rabbit felt blend            $280 
                             The GIBSON

Need just a stingy bit of swagger? Order up a Gibson.

Shown here in willow felt with 1 3/4" wine ribbon

Crown 4 1/2"
Brim 1 3/4"

     100% pure beaver felt         $345
   Rabbit blend felt     $255
Willow color available in beaver rabbit blend  $325
                         The JAMESON

With such a nice hat, why not take one more spin around the park?

Shown here in Sahara beaver felt with sateen finish and 2" black ribbon
Crown 5"- 4 1/4"
Brim 2 1/2" pencil roll

        As shown                                                 $415
100% pure beaver felt(standard finish)    $365
Rabbit blend Sateen finish                        $325
Rabbit blend felt(standard finish)             $275


Where will you go?
I'll leave that up to your imagination. There's no doubt they'll let you in with this fine lid.
Shown in pecan felt with sterling 1 1/2" ribbon and pearl stick pin.
5 1/4" crown, 2 1/2" welted brim

100% pure beaver felt $365
Rabbit blend felt $275


Sharks gill ribbon and a diamond crease?
The finer things can all be found right here. As the overseer of great things, I'll take the Curator's word on this one.

5" - 4 1/4" crown, 2 5/8" brim with binding

As shown, hand dyed in 100% beaver $475
Standard 100% beaver $375
Rabbit felt $285



On dark cobblestone streets you hear the sound of a lone horse and
 carriage. You see the mist creeping in from the moors as the street lamps flicker.  Hold fast to your walking stick, the night looms.
Lucky for you, you have the Blackthorn.

Shown in charcoal beaver felt with vintage 1 1/2" wine ribbon and bound edge.
5" crown, 2 1/2"brim

100% pure beaver $450
50/50 felt blend $400
Rabbit felt $335

                      The REGULATEUR                       



This hat will help you keep time while you make time. No feather swatch here, instead, the Regulateur carries a mainspring from a fine swiss watch. The watches may have seen better days, but not as good as the days this hat has in store.
 4 1/2" crown, 2 1/8" brim

As shown, hand dyed 100% beaver $445
Standard 100% beaver $345
Rabbit felt $255



When the endless plains call... grab your hat, you're going to need it.
With a wide canopy brim and grommet ventilation, the Serengeti will keep you covered and keep you cool.
4 3/4" crown, 4 1/2" brim
Shown in whisky beaver felt with hand folded chocolate side pugaree band and antique brass grommets.

100% pure beaver $480
50/50 fur felt blend $425
Rabbit felt $355



A classic style ready for rugged wear. Built from heavier western weight felts, this hat will be ready for what you want to throw at it.
Shown in dark moss beaver felt with weathered calfskin band.

5 3/4" crown, 2 3/4" brim

100% pure beaver $420
50/50 felt blend $370

Rabbit felt        $305


As your ravin stares back at you, you wonder, is it about to attack or is it admiring your hat?
The brother to our Serengeti hat, Tsavo walks its own path. Featuring swept brim and hand-wrapped raw linen, this hat is prepared for the adventure.
4 1/2" crown, 4 1/4" brim

Shown in Pecan beaver felt with sand linen pugaree wrap.

100% pure beaver $470
50/50 fur felt blend $415
Rabbit felt $345


A haunting melody hangs on the wind as darkness falls,
the whistler walks by night.
In this hat, you too will know many things...

The Whistler is shown in sahara felt featuring a classic bow with kicker in
1/2" wine colored ribbon.  
1/4" crown, 2" brim 

100% Beaver felt $345
Rabbit felt          $255


Shown in our newest hand dyed color, Eggplant, the Meadowlark is a gem. A blend of 30's style and contemporary lines. The 5" tall center-dent crown and triple stitching edge detail feel like a throwback. Whilst the 2 1/8" brim and one sided bow in wine ribbon breath a much more modern air.

As shown, in hand dyed beaver felt  $445
Standard color 100% beaver $345
Rabbit felt $255



Take a stroll, hold a hand, buy a hot dog. The boardwalk is what you need.
Shown in hand dyed pewter grey felt with welted brim.
4 5/8" to 4" crown
2 1/2' brim

As shown, in hand dyed beaver felt  $475
Standard color 100% beaver $375
Rabbit felt $285




Inspired by a hat seen in the museum on Mount Rainier, this hat is a new favorite. The extreme rake mimics the slopes of the alpine terrain.
 Feel like a little mountaineering in classic style?   
 The Alpine Mist is your hat.
4 7/8" to 3 1/2" crown
3" triple stitched brim

100% Beaver felt $355
Rabbit felt $265


As the sun sets on the Mediterranean, a small Spanish town re-awakens. Streets are aglow with light streaming from shop windows. The sounds of Catalunya spill out of cafes and an evening
 of quiet cool unfolds. 
This is Tarragona. A hat is needed for such an evening. A hat that balances evening class with relaxation.

Black Velour, classic lines and ribbon edge binding are paired with vintage 1 3/8" striped ribbon to give a devil may care attitude to this hat.
4 3/4" to 3 3/4" crown
2 1/2" brim

100% Beaver felt $375
Rabbit felt $285


Holding it all together, the Keynote is there. 
Shown in granite felt with hand dyed 1 1/2" ribbon.
4 1/2" to 3 3/4" crown with teardrop
2 1/2" brim with raw edge

100% Beaver felt $345
Rabbit felt $255


Reaching deep down, the True Step knows who it is.  Rough around the edges, yet comfortable in metropolis. A fine suit, high polished shoes and a well brushed long hair hat say, "I know who I am."
Take charge with the True Step.
Heathered long hairs are only currently available in fur felt.
4 1/2" crown
2 1/2" welted brim

Heathered fur felt  $285
please inquire about color options


Shown in hand dyed cordovan 100% beaver felt, the Shakedown means it's business time!
This color is extremely hard to photograph, but trust us, it's beautiful!
Featuring 2" upturned brim with underwelt
4 3/4" crown with diamond crease
2" espresso ribbon with boxcar bow treatment

As shown, hand dyed 100% beaver felt $475
Standard color beaver $375
Rabbit felt $285


Crisp and classic.
Be you hero or villain it doesn't matter. With this hat not only will you get the goods, but I wager you'll get the girl too.
Shown in Steele Grey with matching edge binding and 1 3/4" black ribbon, 
The crown is 4 1/2" at the highest point dropping to 3 1/2" in the back and sports a teardrop crease.
2 5/8" brim

 100% Beaver felt     $375
   Rabbit felt               $285   



Beware,  lurking in the shadows lies the Saboteur!

Black felt with shark's gill ribbon and wind trolley.

4 1/2"crown in front, 3 1/2" in back
2 1/2" brim

100% Beaver felt     $355
Rabbit felt             $265



Shown in sahara felt the Savannah sports an ease only the south could inspire. Dressed out in 1 1/2" gunmetal grey petersham ribbon and edge binding for a relaxed style.
4 1/2" crown
2 1/2" brim

100% Beaver felt     $355
Rabbit felt             $265


Shown in pecan 100% beaver felt. The Goldfinch wears a 2" triple pressed espresso ribbon. The bow is trimmed with a brass wrap and a few feathers just for good measure.
Crown 4 1/2" in front, 3 3/4" in back
2 1/2" brim with underwelt

100% Beaver felt     $365
Rabbit felt             $275


In the understory of old growth douglas firs or the shadow of the skyscrapers down town, the Elip Creek will keep you covered. Shown in dark moss fur felt and loden green edge binding with matching ribbon.
4 3/4" crown, 2 3/8" brim

100% Beaver felt     $375
Rabbit felt             $285


 Whether by boat, train or plane, The Traveler will tell them you're a man who knows where he's going and knows how to get there. Shown in dark grey 100% pure beaver, black #16 ribbon, roan leather sweatband.
5 1/4" crown,  2 3/4" x 2 5/8" dimensional brim

100% Beaver felt     $345
Rabbit felt             $255


Put on Coltrane and cool out, the Tel-One can keep up.
Pecan fur felt, loden green #16 petersham ribbon,
roan leather sweatband
4" crown in front 3 3/4" back, 2 1/4" brim

100% Beaver felt     $345
Rabbit felt             $255


 Stingy-One is the Tel-One's short brimmed alter ego. Being built from the same blocks, the crown dimensions are the same 4" front, 3 3/4" back. The brim on this one is 1 3/4", but I'll cut them as short as you want. Dressed with a 2" black grosgrain ribbon and sporting a square back bow, what this hat lacks in brim it makes up with straight clean style.

100% Beaver felt     $345
Rabbit felt             $255

The following list is basic pricing. Custom hats are most often unique and prices may vary depending on the options you choose.
All mens hats are available in:
100% pure beaver felt starting at ...................................................................$345
Rabbit blend fur felt starting at ......................................................................$255

Standard Options:
Welted edge on brim 
(under or overwelts available)

Ribbon bound edge on brim.............................................................................$30
Stitched Edge.......................................................................................................$10
Wind trolley.........................................................................................................$10
Hand dyed felt colors.......................................................................................$100

           To make an inquiry or to place an order please click HERE

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